#BornToDye Kit

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  • Hand Dye Kit Born To Dye
  • Hand Dye Kit Born To Dye
  • Hand Dye Kit Born To Dye
  • Hand Dye Kit Born To Dye

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¥13,000 以上で送料無料


7-10 日以内に発送

This kit is designed for dying yourself.

The dying movement it's getting stronger, have fun creating your own colors to costumize even more your knits.

The kit contains:
- 4 dying colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) 10gr each color
- Fixer 100gr
- A pair of gloves
- A pattern with the instructions for dying.
- 2 skeins in natural color.
You can choose among our chunky wool, petite wool, meriwool or baby alpaca.

With a single #BornToDye Kit you can dye lots of skeins!
*Approx 20 skeins, but depends on the intensity and color combination.
You can add more skeins to your cart here
*This kit can be used for dying: wool, petite wool, meriwool or baby alpaca.

Make sure you have all the following items at home: a cooking pot, a container to mix the dyes, a wooden spoon and a tablecloth to protect the tabletop. Keep in mind that these items can only be used again for dyeing and not for food.

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下記の言語にてお問合せ対応いたします: 日本語、スペイン語、英語、フランス語、ドイツ語.

通常配送料: ¥1,000


配送日数: 7-10 営業日以内に配送*.
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