15 Pack of 100% Bamboo Yarn Balls


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Bamboo fiber is on of the most used textile materials due to its soft and lightweight nature, it's also very easy to blend with other types of fibers. Products made with bamboo fibers are on the rise as a new cotton alternative, since the garments made with this fiber are incredibly soft, light and fresh to the touch.

Bamboo is presented in a 100gr skein and is composed of 100% bamboo viscoise.

Weight: Lace

The kit contains:
5 skeins of 100% Bamboo.

Knitting gauge:
Stockinette stitch with 3mm needles

31 stitches = 10 cm / 4 in
34 rows = 10 cm / 4 in

Crochet gauge:
Single crochet
28 puntos = 10 cm / 4 in
33 vueltas = 10 cm / 4 in

We suggest knitting with 3mm needles. Our skeins are 100gr /3,5oz and 350m / 382yd. Hand wash, flat dry -> like the other fibers

弊社の毛糸、コットン糸、およびベビーアルパカの編み糸は、100%自然素材から作られており、合成繊維は含まれておりません。 (商品についてもっと見る)

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